NEWS March 2015

the Hadron Quadcopter has allways been way to expensive to be sold, even if we would entirely cut any profit.
this was mainly caused by the costs of the plasticparts which where made by SLS printing.
We where hoping to find another way like STL to Vacum Molding or Injection Molding in China or something, but all that needs MUCH more initial budget than we can afford.
Now we have our own little 3D printer and after redesigning most of the plastic-parts, we now can print them all ourself.
PLA not as nice as the SLS pieces, but nice enough and seems to be even stronger.
If you want to be informed about updates, let us know through the contact form.

Behold, dear visitor, the Hadron FPV QuadroCopter.
This RC copter is designed by entusiasts with passion and the goal to build a truly sophisticated flying machine.
We believe the real joy of flying comes with manual flight and great equipment,
rather than features like ‚position hold‘ and ‚return to home‘
Both Experts and beginners benefit from a relyable, stable and well designed frame,
which has excessively been abused through various revisions.
So if you feel ready to trade your ‚headless flight‘ and ‚auto pilot‘ features for real flying, you can now step up to limitless FPV freedom.

Hadrons main characteristics are:

  • extremely light and ridgid frame.
  • crash resistant and modular repairable
  • square motor layout with centered flightcontrol
  • versatile camera munts for CCD, Mobius and GoPro
  • balance-able Frame to match center of weight with center of thrust.
  • load Rail system detached from Centerplate Vibrations
  • 30,5 and 45 mm dampened Flightcontrol mounts


watch the assembly video to get familiar with the concept


ATTENTION!: Rotors are dangerous, Propeller-Blades can cause dramatic injuries - even when the copter is on the ground.
Do NEVER fly in range of people, Airports or Traffic of any kind.
Allways fly in line and range of sight or your copter might get out of control.
Let a spotter assist your flying or do not fly at all.
In many countries, flying without propper insurance is illegal. (and thats for good reasons)
Inform yourself about the local rules regarding the use of remote controled flying vehicles
We can not held responsible for what you do with the things you might purchase in this store