Using things puchased from this site goes on your own risk with no exception.
If your flying RC Vehicle / Multirotor does crash, we can not held responsible for anything, even if the crash is caused by a faulty product.
We do not cover any loss, damage or injury caused by products we are selling.

Returning items

As long as you have not used your item, you may return it and get the purchase price refunded (excluding shipping costs)
please use the contact form to announce a return and await my reply.


Rotors are dangerous.
Propeller-Blades can cause severe injuries - even when the copter is on the ground.
Allways be carefull and concentrated when handling a single- or multirotor item of any kind
'The Wrong Hands' Webstore is not responsible or liable for any damage or injuries caused by anything you purchased on this site.

Lithium Batteries are dangerous.
Charging, Discharging, Physical handling or just a faulty Produced Battery can go up in sudden Fire or worse.
Make sure you are informed about what might or might not happen, and how you savely handle Lithium Batteries.

Get your RC Flying insurance.
Operating remote controled flying vehicles should ONLY and ALLWAYS be done with propper insurance.
Even if it is not mandated by law in your country.

Do NEVER fly in range of people, Airports or Traffic of any kind.
Allways fly in line and range of sight or your copter might get out of control.
Let a spotter assist your flying or do not fly at all.
In many countries, flying without propper insurance is illegal. (and thats for good reasons)
Inform yourself about the local rules regarding the use of remote controled flying vehicles