HADRON - casual sunday afternoon flight

this was a earlier version of the HADRON, with less vibration dampening than today.
no gimbal, filmed with a gopro Camera
it was set up with 2206 t-motors, 8" e-propellers, 2300mah 3S battery, NanoWii Flightcontrol and HK10a ESCS
on later setups i used slightly stronger setups with a bit bigger motors, props and batteries

HADRON - naked frame weight - 314 gramms

when you hold it like that, its very suprisingly light - and still super rigid.
it feels almost unreal and shows why carbon fibre is called to be a high tech material.

Weight sample - 726 gramms

One of the many uncounted setups, featuring 2212 Tmotors and 20a UltraESC, all prepared for 4S flight, where 3S would be more than enough
726 gramms, including OSD and everything else, excpet the propellers and battery
light weight is not only more fun, but also does reduce impact on a crash - less damage / less risk

Field Testing

Lots of revisions have been made of the HADRON frame
Sure, these days where more fun of flight than just testing an measuring of performance.
It took around 20 flying setups until i was at the point where i didnt find anything more to optimize.